Rise of the King is the first official campaign of Our Realms Live, in which a group of people wake up on an unknown island with no memory of what had happend.

Characters Edit

Character Race Class Player
Gamemaster Breakable
Rupert Kobold Monk Flohhupper
Jerrý Elf Monk Magikarp48
Gimli Dwarf Paladin Weltenbummler008
Character Race Class
Borwin Blackgear Gnome Thief
Trismegusta (Priest) Elf Priest
Trismegusta (Necromancer) Elf Necromancer
Melinda Kobold Wizard
Skeleton King Skeleton Unknown
Slime King Slime


Battle EncountersEdit

  • The Goblin guards
  • A group of cave orcs
  • Eaglebear Ambush
  • The Slime King with little slimes
  • A gang of kobold bandits guarding Melinda
  • An Elephelk herd
  • Necromancer and Skeleton King

Plot SummaryEdit

Rupert, Jerrý, Gimli as well as Borwin Blackgear wake up in cells on an island without any memory whatsoever. After jamming open their cells and fighting off the Goblin guards, the group goes ahead to explore the island.
An elven priest shows up and tells the group that the nearby village needs their help.
After receiving some quests from the town folks, our adventurers seek out a Kobold lady named Melinda, Rupert's wife. After killing the Kobold bandits that seem to have taken her hostage it turns out that Melinda is under some sort of curse and does not react to her husband.

The group goes back to the town hall, where the priest tells them about a purging ritual to free the mind of Melinda from the evil spirit that possesses her. He makes the party wait outside, but Rupert refuses to leave his wife's side,the priest is forced to let him in and the ritual begins. Then suddenly a dark aura encloses the town hall and an evil laughter is heard from within. Rupert, still unsure of what just happened around him, charges in immediately to get to Melinda, while everyone else attempts to get in.
He desperatly tries to save his wife, but it's already too late, she's nothing more than a mindless skeleton.

The priest turns out to be a disguised Necromancer, who uses the cursed soul of Melinda to reincarnate the Skeleton King. As a raging battle erupts, Rupert is able to kill the Skeleton King. With the final blow, the Skeleton King's Curse migrates to Rupert, who is now possessed and controlled by the Skeleton King.
As his eyes starts to glow red like fire, his only goal now is to get this monster out of him, so he can take revenge once and for all.


  • This is the first official Our Realms Live campaign which was inspired by URealms Live