Goblins are a playable Race in Our Realms Live. They were first introduced in Rise of the King and were originally inspired by URealms Live Goblins.


Goblins are regarded as thieving and deceitful creatures, more so than Kobolds. They are almost universally disliked by all other races. Most Elves view Goblins as vermin, barely considering any Goblin as a person at all. Most Elves would not hesitate to kill Goblins on sight.


Goblins are humanoid creatures with pointed ears and diminutive statures, barely extending in height from Okagnoma Gnomes, making them the second smallest playable race. Goblins come in two main types: Greenskin and Hobgoblins.


Greenskin Goblins are characterized by their green skin and their spindly bodyframes. Greenskin Goblins are notably frail, but can be especially tenacious and hard to kill if they are determined enough. Greenskins almost always travel in pairs, with whom they share a strong mental link. Pairs of Greenskin Goblins are generally formed between family members or close friends. This form of telepathy is shared with all greenskin goblins, but appears to be the strongest between members of a pair. Pair bonds between greenskins can often be symbiotic, as exemplified by the goblin pair Marco and Polo, who are blind and deaf, respectively, and assist one another in interacting with the outside world. If one member of a goblin pair dies, the other may become an Elder Goblin.


Hobgoblins are rust-colored Goblins. They are generally larger and slightly taller than their greenskin counterparts, many of them appearing to be overweight. While sharing many of the attributes of their Greenskin brethren, they do not possess the telepathy characteristic to greenskins, making them the subject of ridicule for Greenskins, who see their Hobgoblin counterparts as dimwitted and stupid. Hobgoblins are particularly more robust than Greenskins, lacking their tendency to be killed in one fell swoop. Indeed, Hobgoblins are at least twice as durable as any greenskin.


Elder Goblins are Greenskin Goblins who have lost the other member of their goblin pair. They are regarded as wiser than the average greenskin.